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ABOUT Dr. Christine Fortier, ND

Thank you for visiting my website.  As an ND I make it my goal to get to know my patients, seeing our relationship as a fundamental element to the therapeutic process.  Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. 


I was born and raised in Timmins, growing up surrounded by family, friends, and our wonderful nature.  As a child I spent countless hours playing outside with friends all the while fostering a deep love for reading and learning.  I developed a love for science in high school and decided at that time that I wanted to work in the healthcare field.  This led me to complete a Bachelor of Science (Hon.) in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Waterloo. With so many career options upon graduation, it was difficult to narrow the choices to one that appealed to me most and that I could see myself pursuing with a passion.  It was thanks to a close friend’s suggestion that I discovered naturopathic medicine.  I remember how enlivened I felt reading about the philosophy and guiding principles at the base of naturopathic medicine.  I immediately applied to The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, and completed the 4-year naturopathic medical program, graduating in May 2014. 


My clinical approach pairs my science and research knowledge with my love for and proficiency in natural treatments.  I’ve developed primary-care skills allowing me to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions, and the ability to maintain a comprehensive family practice.  My passion, however, lies in pediatrics and women’s health.  I see my role as a naturopathic doctor as your health coach.  I will share with you my knowledge of health and disease prevention and motivate you to use these tools in order to restore your body’s balance and support your body’s innate healing ability. 


When not busy in the clinic, I enjoy leading an active life running, doing yoga, and playing roller derby.  I also enjoy spending precious time with my family and friends, reading, in addition to being passionate about cooking and baking.  


I am thrilled to be back home in Timmins and I look forward to serving my community!


Dr. Christine Fortier

B.Sc. (Hon.), ND


tea parties

Interested in learning more about naturopathic medicine or a particular topic?  Know others who you think would also benefit from the information?


I am happy to organize information sessions for groups of 4 to 15 individuals, in the form of tea parties. These require a gracious host(ess), willing to open their home to their friends and family for 1 hour.  I will bring the tea, prepare an informal presentation on a topic of your choosing, and be available to answer questions.  For many this represents a way to explore different health topics in a more welcoming environment and at no cost.


Example topics include but are not limited to:


  • What is Naturopathic Medicine?


  • Seasonal Allergies


  • Cold Prevention


  • Detox 101


  • Elimination Diet 101


  • Nutritional Supplement Optimisation


  • How to get a better night’s sleep


  • Stress management


For more information or to book a tea party please contact me at  or by telephone at 705-365-8458.

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